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Love Is In The Earth - A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals Updated, By Melody

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Code: loveupd-0962819034
2.6 Lbs, 726 pages (b & w)
9" tall x 6" wide x 1.7" , (1995)
Price: $16.95
(From the book's back cover): This updated version is a best-selling reference book describing the metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom. Internationally known, bestselling author of the "Love Is In the Earth" series, Melody was born in Cumberland, Maryland, and now resides in the Rocky Mountain Region. She is a scientist and holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in mathematics. She has been working with stones since she was a child, always evidencing an interest in the geological and mystical properties of these children of Mother Earth. This is the updated release of her original 1991 reference book.

Crystal Co-Creators
Channeled by Dorothy Roeder

Code: CCC-0929385403
1.0 Lbs, 288 pages (32 color)
9" tall x 6" wide x 0.7", (1994)
Price: $13.95
(From the book's back cover) Awaken with Crystals, they will help you reach your full potential now as evolution accelerates. Each crystal makes its own unique contribution as a teacher. From the regal amethyst to the multi-talented quartz and powerful emerald, the mineral world can open doors to experiences that change your life. Dorothy Roeder channels spiritual guidance, love and support. Dorothy is a licensed chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona, who combines spiritual healing and counseling with etheric bodywork.

Crystal Enlightenment Vol. I
By Katrina Raphaell

Code: CE-0943358272
0.6 Lbs, 171 pages (b & w)
8.5" tall x 5.4" wide x 0.45", (1985)
Price: $9.65
(From the book's back cover) A comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to the use of crystals and gems for internal growth, healing and balance in your daily life. Learn how to extend your personal awareness and center by attuning to crystal energies. This book is designed for anyone interested in the basic understanding necessary to use the healing properties inherent within the mineral kingdom to improve the quality of our external & internal lives.

Crystal Healing Vol. II
By Katrina Raphaell

Code: CH-0943358302
0.8 Lbs, 210 pages (20 w/ photos)
8.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 0.6", (1987)
Price: $15.56
(From the book's back cover) Volume two of the crystal trilogy further refines the practical applications of crystal therapeutic techniques. Katrina introduces innovative, previously unavailable methods for discovering and removing internal imbalances. This wealth of information derived from the author's first-hand experience is practical, while inviting the reader to explore deeper levels and gain insight into the processes underlying our health patterns. To facilitate a complete understanding of the specific techniques described, this book is illustrated with detailed color photographs. In addition to the information in Volume One, this book will help activate hidden potential and open up a world of light into your life.

Crystal Awareness
By Catherine Bowman

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Code: CA-0875420583
0.2 Lbs, 224 pages (b & w)
6.8" tall x 4.2" wide x 0.6", (1997)
Price: $3.95
(From the book's back cover) The value and use of crystals has lasted from ancient times. We are just now reawakening and relearning the power and energy of these gifts from Earth. Crystal Awareness will show the beginner and more advanced users of crystals many things: Crystal forms / Single points, clusters and double terminated crystals / Crystal and human energy fields / Crystal cleansing and programming / Crystal meditation and much more... Start your journey to better health, feelings, and personal power today!

Crystal Communion
By Sri Akhenaton

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Code: CCOM-0962183946
1.3 Lbs, 361 pages (8 w/ color photos)
9" tall x 6" wide x 0.9", (1994)
Price: $21.00
(From the book's back cover) New information about the uses of Crystals and Minerals in spiritual practices in Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and India is presented by Sri Akhenaton in this truly comprehensive text that describes "Trans-Cultural" systems of meditation, healing facilitation, mysticism and ceremony. Crystal Communion offers vibrant color photographs of more than 100 Crystals and Minerals used in Meditation and Healing Facilitation, Exercises to Expand States of Consciousness, Detailed Charts, Diagrams and Illustrations, Descriptions of over 115 Crystals and Minerals used in Spiritual Practices, 42 Guided Meditations and Visualization Techniques, Glossary of Spiritual/Metaphysical Terms, and much more.

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