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The Secure On-line Ordering System

About Our Secure On-line Ordering System
How To Use Our Secure On-line Ordering System
Problems With Our On-line Ordering System?

About Our Secure On-line Ordering System

Our secure on-line ordering system is very easy to use. We give you a temporary shopping cart ("ore cart") when you select your first item. This cart will expire in about 5 hours, so don't delay over 5 hours or you will have to start over again!

Your shopping cart will hold as many items as you wish to add to it, no matter what their size! For your shopping cart to function properly, we give you a temporary identification or "cookie" which will expire and disappear completely from your machine in about five hours. If you have set your browser to not accept cookies, then you will not be able to use our secure ordering system until you reset your browser to accept our temporary cookie.

If the current time and date on your machine are incorrect, then our temporary cookie will expire instantaneously and you will be unable to add more than one item to your cart and also unable to proceed to our Checkout Counter. So please make sure that your machine's clock is correct!

How To Use Our Secure On-line Ordering System

To purchase any item in our Virtual Gallery, simply select the "add this item to your ore-cart" button shown beside every item in our virtual gallery (some items are unique while others may be selected in quantity). This will take you to our shopping cart page where you may view the contents of your shopping cart ("ore-cart") and change the quantity of items that are in your cart. To return to where you were shopping, simply click on the name of the last item that you added to your cart. You may also use the "back" button on your browser to return to shopping, however this will re-load the "old" version of the page that you were on, which will not reflect the current availability of the items shown on that page until you use your browser's "reload" or "refresh" button.

To place your order immediately without further shopping, you need only to select and submit your shipping destination and shipping method from the convenient drop-down lists on the shopping cart page, and then proceed to our Checkout Counter. Your sales tax (if any) and shipping charges will be automatically calculated and added to your sub-total on the shopping cart page. If you wish to see the cost for a different shipping method, you may re-submit a new shipping method selection from the drop-down list. If our shopping cart was unable to automatically calculate your shipping cost or if you selected "other" as a shipping method, then simply submit your shipping destination and proceed to our Checkout Counter as usual (in this case we will contact you with your shipping options after you have finished placing your order).
You then can proceed to our Secure Server Checkout Counter.

At The Secure Server Checkout Counter

Our on-line Checkout Counter is on a Secure Server using SSL encryption, this encrypts and protects all of your personal and billing information. At our Checkout Counter we offer several on-line methods of placing your order:

Having Problems With Our Secure On-line Ordering System?

If you are experiencing difficulties with our secure on-line ordering system, you may place your order by calling us toll free: (877) 4MINERS (877 4646377), or call (909) 4660461. You may also print out our order form, fill it in and then fax it to us at (909) 4660347. NOTE! Phoning or faxing your order to us is "off-line" and will require manual processing at our end. Until we do that, it is possible that someone else's on-line order may be submitted before yours, thus any unique merchandise that you select might already be reserved by them.

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