Lapidary Grade Charoite Rough: natural color purple charoite lapidary rough mined in Siberia, Russia
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Charoite Lapidary Rough

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Our Charoite Lapidary Rough specimens are all natural color untreated charoite!

charoite Necklacecharoite Jewelry

We have more genuine charoite items in stock including charoite spheres and charoite jewelry items. We also have superior grade genuine charoite necklaces available right now at special discounted prices.

Every charoite item we have is a natural untreated piece of genuine charoite that was mined in Siberia, Russia! Each of our polished charoite mineral specimens was hand ground and polished in Russia providing jobs and income for the local population. We have additional inventory of these beautiful hand-polished charoite specimens available in a variety of sizes, shapes and qualities.

Our polished Siberian charoite pieces do make great mineral specimens of natural color chatoyant charoite for mineral collections, and they also can be used as charoite lapidary rough. They also are very beautiful as decorator specimens of natural purple charoite for the home or office.

charoite Earrings

We have a selection of very beautiful charoite earrings available - each pair handcrafted in 925 sterling silver with superior grade chatoyant purple charoite cabochons set in a variety of styles in both stud earrings and dangles.

Did you know that charoite is a very rare mineral, and that commercial quantities of charoite are only found in Siberia, Russia?

We also have specimens available of genuine shungite. Shungite is a rare type of natural coal containing fullerene molecules that also is only found in Russia!

We also have informative background information about the lithium rich lepidolite mica.

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We have a large selection of genuine charoite products available - all with 100% natural color. We specialize in Collector Quality Charoite!

Charoite Lapidary Grade Rough & other Genuine Charoite Products in our Online Store

We specialize in natural color untreated charoite!

Natural Charoite items in our Online Store

Charoite Lapidary Rough

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