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White Diamonds
(colorless and near-colorless natural diamonds)

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Each of our natural colorless diamonds weighing over one carat has a Diamond Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, or from the EGL

We have natural untreated white diamonds (natural colorless diamonds and near-colorless diamonds) available in all sizes, qualities and shapes which we can offer direct to you at below wholesale prices!

Just let us know your diamond request. Be sure to mention the approximate carat weight or the dimensions in millimeters along with the shape and the approximate clarity grade and color grade.

To better understand color and clarity grades in diamonds, please see below.


The "COLOR" Of Diamonds:

Colorless to yellow diamonds are graded for color using the GIA letter scale from "D" to "Z" begining with the letter "D" for the colorless end of the grading scale, and with increasing yellow progressing through the alphabet to "Z". Since most natural diamonds have color somewhere between colorless and yellow, the GIA color grade letter scale does not apply to diamonds with other natural colors such as pink, green or blue; instead, diamonds with these colors are simply referred to as natural fancy color diamonds.

Diamonds are considered to be colorless or white with GIA color grades "D", "E", and "F". The "D" color grade is completely pure with no color whatsoever, and in color grades "E" and "F" there is just a very slight increase in the amount of yellow-ish color.

Diamonds in the "G", "H", "I", and "J" color grades are considered to be near-colorless. At a casual glance they appear to be colorless (white), and they are much more affordable than the truly colorless diamonds, but if placed upside down on a white background, then a faint amount of slightly yellowish color can be detected, especially in the "I" and "J" color grades. With all other factors remaining the same, the price per carat for a natural diamond decreases with each letter color grade as you progress from the color grade "D" on through the alphabet to the letter "N" color grade. After the letter "N"color grade, the yellowish tones begin getting strong enough that the value per carat of the natural diamond actually begins to increase.

The "Size" Of Diamonds:

The dimensions of round brilliant cut diamonds are usually measured in millimeters. Below are given the approximate carat weights based on diameter sizes for round brilliant cut diamonds with ideal proportions. Each diamond can vary up to about 20% from these weight estimates depending mainly on the diamond's depth and the thickness of it's girdle. Contact us by email with your natural diamond special request.

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