Star Sapphire Spheres (natural asteriated corundum)
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Star Sapphire Spheres
(natural asteriated corundum spheres)

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Item: ssts109
natural color sar sapphire sphere weighing 200.5 carats (40.1 gr.)
Star Sapphire Sphere Dimensions: 1.1" diameter (27mm)
Polished from a natural sapphire crystal mined in India
Price: $210.53
This rare sphere of natural star sapphire measures 1.1 inch in diameter. This genuine star sapphire sphere has not been heated or treated in any way. It was hand-ground and polished with a good finish from a natural star sapphire crystal with grayish-purple natural color. It has a good 6-ray natural star that is faintly visible under direct sunlight. The photo at left was taken under incandescent light.

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