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Almandine Garnet & Dark Raspberry Color Star Garnet Lapidary Rough: natural color red-pink-purple
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Almandine Garnet & Dark Raspberry Star Garnet Lapidary Rough

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Gem Grade Dark Raspberry Garnet Rough

Item: almm175
Natural color garnet rough specimen weighs 209 carats
Garnet Rough Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.5" x 0.6"
Mined in Brazil
Price: $31.35
This beautiful purplish-red garnet rough piece is semi-transparent with areas of cabochon grade transparency with. On its broken surfaces the color is a dark red with deep pink to purple tones (100% natural color) which closely resembles rhodolite garnet, although chemically this garnet does classsify as almandine garnet (also known as almandite).

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Our Almandine Garnet Lapidary Rough & Dark Raspberry Star Garnet Rough is all 100% natural with no treatments of any kind!

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Almandite Star Garnet Gem Rough

Almandite (also known as almandine) is a variety of garnet.

There are many named garnet varieties. The six main garnet varieties are based on ideal end-member chemical compositions. Almandite is the iron (Fe3) rich garnet end-member variety. Some of our almandite garnet gem rough is suitable for making faceted gems, and some for cabochons. Many of our cab-grade alalmandite garnet rough pieces have chatoyancy due to microscopic inclusions of pyroxene or amphibole, yielding a four-ray star when fashioned into a cabochon gem.

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Garnet Information

Information about genuine garnet and its history, physical properties, chemistry, occurance, and metaphysical uses is displayed on our garnet information page.

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Facts & Information

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Almandine Garnet Lapidary Rough & Dark Raspberry Star Garnet Rough

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