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Jasper (w/ Blue Apatite) Gems
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Blue Apatite in Jasper Cabochan

This unique item is sold.
Item: apag101
1.1" long x 0.8" wide x 0.2" thick
(29.5mm x 20mm x 5.5mm)
Bahia, Brazil
Price: $22.50
This beautiful cabochon was hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from natural blue apatite in jasper rough. The apatite is an intense blue, contrasting nicely with the light brown jasper matrix.

Blue Apatite in Jasper Cabochon

This unique item is sold.
Item: apag102
1.3" long x 1.1" wide x 0.3" thick
(34mm x 29mm x 8mm)
Bahia, Brazil
Price: $24.50
This blue apatite in jasper cabochon has two good sized apatites visible on its highly polished surface, one is a large deep blue apatite, and the other is a large lighter blue apatite that shows some chatoyancy.

This is the end of our Jasper (w/ Blue Apatite) Gems virtual gallery page. You may wish to see our apatite in jasper lapidary rough page, which shows the same rough materials that the above cabochons were made from.
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