Natural Tektite Spheres ground and polished from Genuine Libyan Glass Tektites
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Natural Tektite Spheres:
Ground & Polished from Genuine Libyan Desert Glass Tektites

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Genuine Libyan Desert Tektite Sphere, 54.98 grams

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Code: teks104
this Libyan Desert Glass tektite sphere weighs 54.98 grams
1.4 inch diameter (36.2mm)
Discovered in the Libyan Desert, Egypt
Price: $453.59
This is a rare quality genuine Libyan desert glass tektite sphere with a very fine quality finish and rich greenish yellow color. Trapped within this fine quality tektite sphere are some white cristobalite spherules with both individual spherules and stringers. Libyan desert glass tektites are thought to have been formed by the intense heat produced during a meteoric aerial burst over sand dunes in western Egypt approximately 28.5 million years ago.

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Tektites are thought to have formed from the extreme heat and pressure produced during a meteorite impact on the surface of the earth, which is believed to have melted both the surface of the earth and the meteorite itself fusing them together into a natural glass tektite which cooled quickly as it fell back down to the earth after the meteorite impact's explosion.

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