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Zoisite with Ruby Spheres
(natural ruby in zoisite)

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Ruby in Zoisite Sphere, 2.5 inch diameter

This unique item is sold.
Item: rbys152
2.5 inches in diameter (64mm)
Price: $146.50
This 2.5 inch sphere was handcrafted from natural color ruby in green zoisite rough that was mined in Tanzania.

Ruby in Zoisite Sphere, 81mm diameter

This unique item is sold.
Item: rbys155
3.2 inches in diameter (81mm)
Price: $294.50
This 3.2 inch diameter sphere was handcrafted from natural color ruby in green zoisite rough that was mined in Tanzania.

Our Ruby in Zoisite Zoisite spheres are 100% natural color with no treatments of any kind!

Ruby in Zoisite

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Lapidary grade ruby in zoisite is mined only at the Tanzanian zoisite deposits located near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the only commercial source for ruby in zoisite rough of jewelry and carving grade, and it has been mined there for the last 65 years. Ruby in zoisite is also called anyolite, which is a rock composed of green zoisite matrix with translucent ruby and occasional black hornblende.

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Zoisite Variety: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a trichroic gem variety of the mineral zoisite.

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Each one of our tanzanites is a genuine tanzanite that was mined at Merelani, Tanzania. Here at, we do not have any lab-created tanzanites! Natural tanzanite gemstones are usually heated to deepen their beautiful blue-violet colors. We have genuine tanzanite jewelry items available with faceted tanzanite gemstones set in both 14k gold and in 18k gold. We have a large selection of tanzanite gem sizes and shapes available in beautiful tanzanite jewelry designs in 14k & 18k gold. We also have sterling silver tanzanite jewelry designs set with rough pieces and crystals of genuine tanzanite!

Tanzanite is trichroic, with different colors along each of its three crystallographic directions. We have some unusual genuine tanzanite gems & tanzanite jewelry items showing blue, violet, and green trichroism in the same gem!

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Facts & Information

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Ruby in Zoisite Spheres

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