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Black Tourmaline Spheres

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Code: tbks161a
1.9" diameter
Handcrafted from a natural black tourmaline crystal mined in Brazil
Price: $111.50
This black tourmaline sphere was sawn and polished from a single tourmaline crystal that was mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Code: tbks162
Black Tourmaline Sphere Measurement: 2.1" in diameter
Handcrafted from a natural black tourmaline crystal mined in Brazil
Price: $178.50
This 2.1 inch diameter sphere of natural black tourmaline was sawn and polished from a single black tourmaline crystal that was mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This unique item is sold.
Code: tbks167ae
Black Tourmaline Sphere Diameter: 2.25" diameter
Handcrafted from a natural black tourmaline crystal mined in Brazil
Price: $225.00
This 2.25 inch black tourmaline sphere was sawn and polished from a single tourmaline crystal that was mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Our Black Tourmaline Spheres are genuine black tourmaline!

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We have a large variety of green tourmaline crystals in pegmatite matrix, including some tourmalines with gem grade transparency. We also have a large selction of natural pink kunzite crystals and natural yellow kunzite crystals, natural aquamarine crystals, and natural blue kyanite crystals & black kyanite crystals. We do have a very large selection of natural black tourmaline jewelry designs, as well as our pink tourmaline gemstones and sunset tourmaline earrings.

Black Tourmalines

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We have a variety of genuine black tourmaline products available including handcrafted jewelry items, black tourmaline spheres, and also black tourmaline mineral specimens & crystals.

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Black Tourmaline Spheres

Each of our black tourmaline spheres was handcrafted from a single large black tourmaline crystal.

We have additional inventory of black tourmaline mineral spheres. Most of our black tourmaline crystals formed in pegmatite dikes, although we do have some specimens of naturally terminated black tourmaline crystals that crystallized under metamorphic conditions in schist. These black tourmalines can be quite large, however they are not of lapidary grade. Our black tourmaline spheres are handcrafted from lapidary grade areas in the black tourmaline crystals of pegmatite origin.

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We have been mining professionally for aquamarine, citrine, kunzite, topaz, black tourmalines and other gems for more than 30 years, and we have a very large variety of collectable mineral spheres available in many different minerals!

We specialize in natural mineral spheres. See the links below for a selection of superior quality natural mineral spheres and eggs.

Natural Mineral Spheres and Eggs

Black Tourmaline

Each one of our black tourmaline crystal specimens is completely natural with natural terminations, and they were mined in Brazil. You may have noticed that we have naturally terminated black tourmaline specimens in all sizes from one inch long ranging up to more than 20 pounds each! These are all natural black tourmaline crystal specimens. Here at, we do not have any heated or treated black tourmalines, each black tourmaline specimen is 100% natural! We specialize in superior quality natural black tourmaline crystal specimens and matrix specimens of large size. We do have more black tourmalines in stock, including some very rare quality large black tourmaline crystals in matrix and some extra large pegmatite matrix specimens that have hundreds of black tourmalines!

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Tourmaline Information

Information about genuine tourmaline and its history, physical properties, chemistry, occurance, and metaphysical uses is displayed on our tourmaline information page.

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Facts & Information

Black Tourmaline Spheres and additional Black Tourmaline Products:

Natural Black Tourmalines

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Black Tourmaline Mineral Spheres

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