Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstones Genuine Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstones: natural color sunset tourmaline gemstones, fine pink tourmaline gemstones, red tourmaline gems, and purple tourmaline gems

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Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstones
Natural color pink tourmaline gems, red-purple tourmaline gems & sunset tourmaline gemstones

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7.27 carat Tourmaline Gemstone

Item: tmcg154
This natural color tourmaline gem weighs 7.27 carats
Tourmaline Gemstone Dimensions: 11.5mm long x 9.7mm wide x 7.5mm deep
Shape: octagon cut
Faceted from a natural tourmaline crystal mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Price: $1163.20
This beautiful tourmaline gem is completely natural in color, and it faces up clean. This gem has faint natural inclusions which are only visible under close inspection with bright illumination. It has rich pink color at one end that grades into a pale golden color and then into a small pale greenish area right at the opposite end which blends with the gold and at certain angles gives a greenish-gold hue. These colors are completely natural; this gem is unheated and untreated. It is very well faceted in this octagon cut. Our miners price for this natural color tourmaline gem is $160/carat x 7.27 carats = $1163.20

Bi-Color Pastel Tourmaline Gem, 4.97 carats

Item: tmcg132
This natural color tourmaline gem weighs 4.97 carats
Tourmaline Gemstonme Dimensions: 13.8mm long x 7.5mm wide x 5.4mm deep
Shape: Baguette Cut w/ "millenium" laser carved back
Expertly faceted from a natural tourmaline crystal found in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Price: $695.80
This natural tourmaline gem has natural pale green color that becomes a light peach at the opposite end (100% natural colors - unheated and untreated). This unique gem faces up clean and has amazing brilliance. The back side of this natural tourmaline gemstone was precision carved with millenium style concave cutting. Our miners price for this natural bi-color pastel tourmaline gemstone is $140/carat x 4.97 carats = $695.80

Flawless 16.90 carat Pink and Golden-Green Tourmaline

Item: tmcg162
This natural color tourmaline gem weighs 16.90 carats
15.0mm x 12.4mm x 9.4mm deep
Shape: faceted octagon
Faceted from a natural watermelon tourmaline crystal mined in Nigeria
Price: $8365.50
This natural color tourmaline gem weighs 16.90 carats. This extra fine quality gem is totally clean even under close inspection at ten times magnification! It was very well faceted into this octagon shape gem from a natural watermelon tourmaline crystal that was mined in Nigeria. This rare tourmaline gemstone has beautiful colors when viewed under sunlight with fine medium pink on one side that grades into medium golden-green on the other! These are 100% natural colors - this flawless collector gem is unheated and untreated. Our special offer price price for this rare quality natural bi-color tourmaline gem is $495/carat x 16.90 carats = $8365.50

Our Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstones are all natural color:
Pink Tourmaline Gemstones, Sunset Tourmaline Gemstones and Red-Purple Tourmaline Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline Crystal

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We have natural rubellite tourmaline gemstones that were mined in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Each of our tourmaline gemstones is completely natural and unheated with no treatments of any kind. Our tourmaline gems are available in all sizes and qualities including very rare quality extra large size flawless tourmaline gemstones.

We also have tourmaline gemstones available in all of the natural tourmaline colors including bi-color tourmaline gems and tri-color tourmaline gemstones! See the links below for gemstones of each of the named tourmaline varieties.

Natural Color Tourmaline Gemstones

Pink Tourmaline & Rubellite Tourmaline Information

Information about genuine pink Tourmaline and its history, physical properties, chemistry, occurance, and metaphysical uses is displayed on our tourmaline information page.

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Facts & Information

Pink Tourmaline Gems, Rubellite Tourmaline Gems & other Natural Rubellite Tourmaline Items in our Online Store

Each of our rubellite tourmaline jewelry designs is a hand crafted design. We have many different kinds of natural color pink tourmaline & rubellite tourmaline jewelry designs available:

Pink Tourmaline Store

We do have additional pink tourmaline gemstones in stock.

Some of our rare quality pink tourmaline crystals also have gem-grade areas inside and can be used as superior grade pink tourmaline gem faceting rough.

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We do have additional inventory of natural color pink tourmaline gemstones, sunset tourmaline gemstones, and purple tourmaline gemstones in stock, so be sure to let us know if you have any rubellite tourmaline requests.

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Pink Spinel Gemstone White Sapphire Gemstone

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We have a large selection of natural color green tourmaline gemstones in all shades from light mint greens to very rich dark greens! We also have a variety of genuine pink tourmaline gemstones in stock, some amzing blue tourmaline gemstones, and some very fine sunset tourmaline gemstones with beautiful peach-pink and magenta hues!

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Genuine Gemstones

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Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstones

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