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Handcrafted Mineral Spheres and Eggs Index

We offer collectable mineral spheres and other handcrafted mineral gifts for every mineral variety listed alphabetically below.

Beside each mineral name are its product links. Select the Spheres link for any mineral name to see its handcrafted mineral sphere images, displayed with professional descriptions, prices and secure online ordering (SSL Encryption).

Select any mineral name to see its scientific mineral information including uses, physical properties, history and metaphysical properties.

Simply scroll down our mineral index using the 'down-arrow' at the lower right, or you may select the first letter of a mineral name: A B C D E F G H J K L M O P Q R S T Z

Moonstone Spheres

Agate Spheres

Albite Mineral Specimen

Alexandrite Gemstones: genuine alexandrite gemstones

Almandine Garnet Spheres

Amazonite Sphere

Amber with Insects

Amblygonite Sphere: lavender amblygonite mineral sphere

Amethyst Sphere

Ametrine Spheres: natural color ametrine spheres

Andalusite Mineral Specimens: andalusite crystals with matrix

Apatite Spheres

Aquamarine Spheres

Astrophyllite Sphere

Blue Aventurine Quartz Spheres and Carvings

Green Aventurine Sphere

Agate BRacelet: Banded Agate Bracelet

Green Beryl Jewelry

Bi-color Tourmaline Jewelry

Black Onyx Jewelry

Black Star Sapphire Ring

Black Tourmaline Spheres

Bloodstone Sphere

Aquamarine Earrings

Chalcedony Spheres: Natural color blue chalcedony spheres

Kyanite Mineral Specimens: kyanite crystals

Moonstone Earrings: Blue Moonstone Earrings

Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue Topaz Egg: natural color blue topaz spheres and eggs

Blue Tourmaline Gemstone

Bronzite Mineral Spheres

Smoky Quartz Jewelry: Natural Color Smoky Quartz Pendant

Meteorite Jewelry

Carnelian Earrings

Cats Eye Chrysoberyl Jewelry

Cats Eye Jade Sphere: natural cats eye nephrite jade spheres

Cats Eye Moonstone Jewelry

Cats Eye Quartz Jewelry

Chalcedony Jewelry

Charoite Sphere: natural color purple charoite spheres and eggs

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Jewelry

Chrysoberyl Jewelry

Chrysocolla Sphere

Chrysoprase Jewelry

Citrine Sphere: natural color citrine spheres

Clevelandite Mineral Specimens

Seraphinite Sphere

Alexandrite Necklaces

Color Change Garnet Jewelry

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Crystal Balls: natural rock crystal quartz spheres

Demantoid Jewelry

Natural Fancy Color Diamond Jewelry

Chrome Diopside Jewelry: Diopside Earrings

Dravite Tourmaline Gemstone

Pink Tourmaline Necklaces

Elestial Quartz Spheres

Emerald Earrings: natural emerald earrings in 14k gold

Ethiopian Opal Jewelry

Eudialyte Spheres

Fire Agate Jewelry

Fluorite Sphere

Peridot Pendants

Fossil Spheres

Fuchsite Mica Sphere: collectable mineral sphere of natural fuchsite mica

Almandine Garnet Spheres

Meteorite Rings

Golden Sapphire Jewelry: natural vedic golden sapphire jewelry and jyotish golden sapphire jewelry

Goshenite Jewelry: colorless beryl jewelry

Green Aventurine Quartz Rough Specimens

Green Beryl 14k Pendant

Tsavorite Green Garnet Necklace

Golden Beryl Gemstone

Green Sapphire Gemstones

Moldavite Ring

Green Tourmaline Necklaces

Grossular Garnet Jewelry

Heliodor Earrings

Hematite Spheres

Hessonite Garnet Earrings

Imperial Topaz Jewelry

Indicolite Tourmaline Jewelry

Iolite Sphere

Meteorite Sphere

Jacare Quartz Crystal Spheres: genuine elestial quartz crystal spheres

Jade Spheres: natural nephrite jade spheres

Jasper Spheres: collectable jasper spheres

Kunzite Earrings

Kyanite Spheres and Eggs

Labradorite Spheres

Lace Agate Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Sphere

Larimar Jewelry

Lemon Citrine Jewelry

Lemurian Spheres

Lepidolite Mineral Spheres

Libyan Desert Glass Tektite Jewelry

Fossil Jewelry: fossil earrings

Grossular Garnet Gemstones

Mandarin Garnet Necklace

Malachite Jewelry: large malachite necklace

Malaia Garnet Gemstones

Meteorite Sphere

Seraphinite Sphere

Amazonite Sphere

Moldavite Necklace

Moonstone Spheres

Morganite Jewelry: morganite necklaces

Smoky Quartz Sphere: natural color smoky quartz sphere

Agate Necklace: Moss Agate Necklace

Red Garnet Jewelry

Tourmaline Necklaces: Natural Multi-Color Tourmaline Necklaces

Muonionalusta Meteorite Sphere

Muscovite Mica Mineral Specimens

Big Obsidian Spheres

Jasper Spheres: collectable jasper spheres

Peridot Ring: San Carlos Peridot Ring

Boulder Opal Sphere

GIA Certified Natural Padparadscha

Pearl Necklace

Larimar Pendant

Pegmatite Mineral Specimens

Peridot Pendant: San Carlos Peridot Pendant

Phantom Quartz Sphere

Pietersite Necklace: Pietersite Jewelry

Pink Sapphire Jewelry: GIA Certified Natural Color Pink Sapphire Jewelry

Pink Tourmaline Sphere: pink tourmaline in pegmatite matrix

Jasper Spheres: collectable jasper spheres

Boulder Opal Sphere

Prehnite Jewelry

Purple Sapphire Jewelry

Pyrite Sphere

Pyrope Garnet Jewelry: Pyrope Garnet Earrings

Quartz Sphere: large quartz crystal sphere

Natural Rock Crystal Quartz Animal Carvings

Ruby Spheres

Red Garnet Rings

Rhodochrosite Jewelry

Rhodolite Jewelry: rhodolite garnet bracelet

Rhodonite Jewelry

Crystals Skulls: hand carved natural rock crystal skulls

Amethyst Sphere

Rose Quartz Sphere

Rubellite Tourmaline Sphere: pink tourmaline in pegmatite matrix

Ruby Spheres

Rutilated Quartz Spheres: Rutile in Quartz Crystal Spheres

Rutilated Quartz Crystal

Star Sapphire Sphere

Scapolite Jewelry

Black Tourmaline Sphere

Seraphinite Sphere

Meteorite Jewelry: Etched Meteorite Jewelry

Smoky Quartz Sphere: natural color smoky quartz sphere

Sodalite Sphere

Spessartite Garnet Necklace

Sphene Jewelry

Spinel Jewelry

Kunzite Jewelry: kunzite pendant

Star Sapphire Sphere

Sugilite Sphere

Sunset Tourmaline Earrings

Sunstone Sphere

Tanzanite Bracelets

Tektite Jewelry: natural indochinite tektite jewelry

Tigers Eye Sphere

Topaz Spheres and Eggs: collectable natural color topaz spheres and eggs

Tourmaline Jewelry

Tsavorite Green Garnet Earrings

Uvarovite Jewelry

Green Tourmaline Crystal

Watermelon Tourmaline Jewelry

Welo Opal Jewelry

White Sapphire Jewelry

Kunzite Jewelry: yellow kunzite jewelry

Yellow Sapphire Jewelry

Prehnite Jewelry

Zircon Jewelry: natural zircon necklace

Ruby in Zoisite Spheres

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This is the end of our index page for spheres and eggs handcrafted from natural Minerals, Rocks, Tektites, and Meteorites

Handcrafted Mineral Spheres

Every mineral sphere in our inventory was hand-crafted from natural gem materials. At, we only sell the real thing, guaranteed!


These product pages show a list of all minerals we have with the named product:


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Click on the image at left to enter directly into our Virtual Gallery of Handcrafted Mineral Sphere Images for all minerals complete with professional written descriptions and secure SSL on-line ordering. These pages will take longer to finish loading as they contain all of our on-line images of handcrafted spheres and eggs for all minerals. Our mineral spheres and eggs are unique, and they are sold and replaced on a daily basis, so do come back often!

To see our entire on-line inventory of images for a particular kind of item for all minerals, just select the group title below (SPHERES, GEMSTONES, JEWELRY etc...) listed below.
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We also carry an assortment of stands for small & medium sized spheres and mineral specimens.

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