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Crystals and Minerals Alphabetical Index

Select any mineral name in this alphabetical index to see its scientific mineral information including physical properties, occurance, uses, history and metaphysical properties.

You can also view images of our available items for each mineral (Crystals, Gemstones, Mineral Specimens, Lapidary & Facet Rough, Spheres, Jewelry & other Handcrafted Gifts) all with professional descriptions, prices and secure online ordering (SSL Encryption).

See also a selection of some of our larger Decorator Mineral Specimens and Crystals, or our listing of all natural quartz crystals.

Alphabetical Mineral Index

Simply scroll down our alphabetical minerals index using the "down-arrow" at the lower right, or you may select any first letter of a mineral name:

You can also use our inventory "search" to find gem & mineral products.

This is the end of our alphabetical crystals index for all Rocks, Minerals, Tektites & Meteorites Gift Certificates:
a great gift idea when you are not sure what to give... You may want to ask for one yourself!

Natural Crystals

Every crystal in our inventory is a natural crystallized mineral. We don't have any composite gem materials (with epoxy/glue), and we don't have any synthetic (man-made) gem materials. At, we only sell the real thing, guaranteed!

Be sure to see a selection of some of our larger Decorator Mineral Specimens and Crystals, and our current selection of natural quartz crystals.


These product pages show a list of all minerals we have with the named product:


Polished Crystals  Virtual Gallery link - click to enter
Click on the image at left to enter directly into our Virtual Gallery of Handcrafted Crystal Images for all minerals (includes polished crystals & mineral carvings and sculptures). These pages will take longer to finish loading as they contain all of our on-line images of collector quality crystals and carvings for all minerals. Each of our crystals and mineral carvings is unique, and they are sold and replaced on a daily basis, so do come back often!

To see our entire on-line inventory of images for a particular kind of item for all minerals, just select the group title below (SPHERES, GEMSTONES, JEWELRY etc...) listed below.
These pages contain many images and will load more slowly.

We also carry an assortment of stands for small & medium sized spheres and mineral specimens. Be sure to see our volume discount page.

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